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P4P Bike Number 150,000!

Collected: On April 1, 2017, the Long Island Returned Peace Corps Volunteers collected P4P bike number 150,000.

Shipped: On April 22nd, volunteers from the Warren Hills High School Chess Club helped us load 575 bicycles into a 40-foot container bound for Chimaltenango, Guatemala. This was our 18th shipment to FIDESMA, for a total of 9,460 bicycles.

Arrived: Our partners at FIDESMA report that bike 150,000 arrived in San Andrés Itzapa, Guatemala, at midday, June 6th. The summer newsletter has some reflections on this happy milestone.

Delivered: Here's the famous bike with its new owner.

Welcome, Liberia!

We have a new partner, Education Care Africa, based in Monrovia, Liberia. Click here for some details.

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For Summer 2017, for the first time, we are publishing our newsletters in online formats only. See Dave's President's Letter for some comments.

As we did for Fall 2016, we are publishing two newsletters: InGear (PDF, HTML) for our bicycle operations and InStitch (PDF, HTML) for sewing machines.

Take a look:

Big Weekend

The weekend of June 24th we shipped 68 sewing machines to Tanzania and 526 bikes and 15 sewing machines to Albania. We also ended the spring collection season with 42 bikes and 19 sewing machines collected in Flemington. Here's the story.

Our Approach

Every year, affluent Americans buy 18 million new bicycles and discard millions of old ones, abandoning many more unused in basements, sheds, and garages. Most of these end up in our already overburdened landfills. Meanwhile, poor people overseas need cheap, non-polluting transportation to get to jobs, markets, customers, and schools.

Pedals for Progress has received, processed and donated over 150,000 bicycles, 3,700 used sewing machines, and $10.8 million in new spare parts to partner charities in 38 developing countries. Pedals for Progress isn't just donating used bicycles: It's also helping developing world economies by promoting self-sustaining bicycle repair businesses.


October 1st, 2016, is the first day of P4P's 2017 fiscal year. Click here for a progress report on our shipments of bikes and sewing machines for 2015 and 2016.

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Sat 9/9/17 9am-12pm
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Sat 9/9/17 12pm-3pm
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