05/05/12 Pedals for Progress ships Rivas #50

Since a warm November day in 1991, we have shipped a whole lotta bikes to Rivas, Nicaragua. If there were a Rip van Winkle in Rivas, he would awake to a city he could not recognize. Old Rip would have never seen dedicated bicycle lanes along the Pan-American Highway with traffic lights for bicycles to cross the formerly dangerous highway. Bicycle cargo vehicles and bicycle taxis filling the streets with the vibrancy of a bustling economy. At the beginning and end of the school day, a giant torrent of students from all around the surrounding countryside streaming in to Rivas for their daily lessons at school.

Our partner, Ecobicicletas, proudly situated on the north side of the marketplace, is still supplying the community with a constant stream of newly arriving bicycles from New Jersey.

A lot has changed for the good in Rivas since 1991, and 21,000+ P4P bikes helped make that change happen. Check out the great trailer of this upcoming documentary, The Bicycle City (TheBicycleCityFilm.com).

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