570 Bikes Shipped! Pedals for Progress ships Vietnam #2

Opening up a new program is always very exciting.  The potential of really making some substantial change for the good.  Last May we loaded our 1st container to the Vinh Long Union of Friendship. ViUFO has three branches in the rural delta and rural areas of south west Vietnam, Vung Liem and Tra On which are in Vinh Long province and Tan Phu which is in Dong Nai province. The program met with great success.
While opening a new program in a new country is exciting, having been successful and now loading the 2nd container is exhilarating.  June 2, 2012 with the  financial backing of the Dariu Foundation, based in Switzerland,  we are loading our 2nd container for Vietnam. Although Vietnam is almost exactly on the other side of the world,  it actually happens to have the least expensive shipping costs of any of our overseas programs.
The successful entry into Vietnam of our container of bicycles is the accomplishment of the dedicated work of Nguyen Van Hanh of the Dariu Foundation. Hanh waded through a myriad of red tape and regulation to secure the import permits.  And now we are about to do it again!
A giant thank you to all of the donors of bicycles in late May,  your bikes will soon make a long journey to their new home. A similar thank you to all of the collectors,  who took the time to take off the pedals and turn the handle bars so that we have the bikes ready to go.


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