Bicycles to Turtle Rangers in Madagascar

Angonoka_baby_LWoolaverGetting bicycles to the Paso Pacifico Turtle Rangers of Nicaragua was such a successful first collaboration with the Turtle Conservancy that we asked if there were other such groups we might be able to help. The Turtle Conservancy introduced P4P to Mr. Hasina Randriamanampisoa of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Ampasanimalo Madagascar. Just like the Rangers in Nicaragua, it’s very important that these conservationists have the mobility to get out into the threatened habitats. Working with communities and Malagasy authorities, Durrell’s efforts have led to the creation of 4 protected areas – the three more to come in the near future. Over 500 critically endangered ploughshare tortoises have been bred in Durrell captive breeding centre, and over 8- released back to the wild as part of the Project Angonoka. On May 15th P4P and Turtle Convervancy shipped 12 mountain bikes to Tamatiave Madagascar and they will arrive in Mid-July.

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