Sewing Machines in Moldova – Summer 2014

Aneta is a French teacher at the high school. She cares deeply for her students and the community. She spent many hours helping with the logistics of bringing the bicycles and sewing machines to Grozesti. When she was young all the girls learned how to sew, knit, and crochet. Her father was an artist and filled their home with tapestries. Aneta wanted to pass these skills on to the next generation. When she found out that our shipment of bikes would also contain sewing machines we quickly applied for a grant to pay for ten machines, tables, chairs, lights, and fabric. Her parent’s home has been vacant for the past 7 years and her plan is to turn it into a sewing shop. DSC02117 She will teach a sewing class at the high school and those students who show promise will be offered a position in the shop. Moldova is ranked the highest in Eastern Europe for victims of human trafficking. She hopes to teach the most vulnerable young women in the village a valuable skill so they will not be so easily duped into believing there is a dream job waiting for them in Romania or Italy. In this picture you see Aneta with her granddaughter, Denis. Aneta has been taking care of Denis for the past 2 years while her daughter studies and works in Italy. Jobs are scarce in Moldova. Aneta is doing a great thing by sharing her knowledge and love of sewing while creating jobs and a future for her village.


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