Community Support Mission, Tanzania #2

Tanz #2As we reported in our Spring 2014 newsletter, P4P sent 41 sewing machines to Dar es Salaam (DSM) in Tanzania in October of 2013. We shipped with the generous support of one of our valued supporters, Clif Bar Family Foundation. Our partner in Tanzania, Community Support Mission (CSM), works closely with those in poverty to help them earn their own living and create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

On August 5, 2014, P4P prepared two additional pallets of sewing machines to continue our support of CSM.  On September 18,2014, CSM will receive in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 60 refurbished working sewing machines.  Refurbished means Dennis Smyth and Doc Hammond cleaned and fixed all of these machines; P4P is greatly indebted to them for their work. This will bring P4P’s year to date total of sewing machines shipped to 182. P4P expects to ship over 300 in 2014.

The first shipment to CSM was totally paid for by the Clif Bar Family Foundation. The value of the sewing machines in that shipment funded CSM for the majority of the shipping costs of the second shipment.  Again we used a small subsidy but going forward Community Support Mission will be capable of paying the shipping costs in total. This creates a level of sustainability that is very advantageous.

P4P needs strong reliable distribution partners run by nationals of the country involved.  With our revolving fund system, we bring our overseas partner financially into the workings of the program.  Once we have them working with us cooperatively within the finances,  we can teach them basic best practices with regards not only to their finances but to their overall program.  We start by convincing them that they can seriously help their community and do so in a net positive financial manner with P4P’s support.  Wilfredo Santana Rodriquez of Rivas, Nicaragua, started the first revolving fund program with P4P in 1992.  The value of our shipments is double or greater than the actual cost of shipping. Our partners can afford to pay the shipping costs and are better financial stewards when they do so. It does take that first shipment or two to prime the pump and adding new programs would be very difficult without our solid financial sponsors. Having strong solid partnerships domestically and internationally has been the hallmark of the success of Pedals for Progress.

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