Mr. Mahmudu

by Fuseni Bense
Fall 2014 InGear

Mr. Mahmudu is a native of Kidal from Northern Mali who moved to Ghana due to the conflict in his hometown (Kilda) where he lived before. Because of the extent of the conflict and the threat involved, he tried to move his wife and six kids to southern Mali in order to escape the risk involved in the fighting.

Mr. Mahmudu getting ready for work.

Mr. Mahmudu getting ready for work.

As he moved to Southern Mali, things were not easy for him as well. He later survived suicide attacks which led to the death of one of his daughters with others severely injured. Only one child survived with no wound in the attack.

Later, the incident left him with no choice but to move to Ghana alone in order to earn a living to cater for his wife and kids. When he came to Ghana, he had nothing in hand to start a trade to satisfy his basic needs as well as to take of his wife and kids back in Mali. He later joined a construction firm as a laborer. After a few months as a laborer, he was able to save an amount of GH$50. He then started to sell used shoes, a business he had earlier thought of on his arrival in Ghana.

He then bought from a wholesaler 5 pairs of shoes with which he began his trade. Mr. Mahmudu had to carry the shoes on his head and shoulders and comb around the city for about 30 – 40 Km/day trying to sell them to make a living. He later heard about the tremendous help WEBikes gave to the needy and came there to seek for assistance to own a bike which could help him cover more Kilometers so he can sell more to boost his income.

WEBikes, a Non Governmental Organization, assisted Mr. Mahmudu with a bike at a cost of $10 only. Mr. Mahmudu became more mobile with the help of the bike given to him by WEBikes and P4P and his trade grew. Thanks to WEBikes and P4P, Mr. Mahmudu can now take care of his wife and kids. The kids now attend school in the capital of Mali (Bamako).

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