Albanian Program Is a Success

by Nina Këruti
Summer 2011 InGear


This spring we are beginning shipments with PASS/Albania #2. We are so pleased for the success of the program in Tirana. PASS received one container of bikes from Pedals for Progress in July 2010. PASS had two goals for the bikes:

  • Creation of job opportunities for Roma Families through bike service.
  • Establishment of the first public bike service in Tirana.

The first container held 463 used bikes, 242 bundled bicycle parts, and 30 used sewing machines. Since the container arrived in Tirana last July, PASS has achieved the following:

  • 150 bikes were sold to the public at modest cost for operational income.
  • 100 bikes were donated to Roma Children schools for social activities developed under the project.
  • Public Bike Service has adopted 70 bicycles for general public use. The old Amsterdam Yellow Bike Project model was always effective when someone was responsible for maintenance.
  • 50 bicycles are frequently used for bike tours.
  • There are 30 bicycles that are designated for bike messengers.

In Tirana, PASS opened four First Bike Services, which translates into the creation of 8 jobs with a range of 15–20 bikes per station. Another part of the project was the creation of bike services, which results in the employment of 4 youths working to maintain the bikes.

What is positive and what we have achieved through the use of bikes is creating a community and a bicycle movement in Tirana. Improvements have been done in the infrastructure and many activities are organized in raising awareness for the use of bikes.



  GDP PER CAPITA: $4,400 per year  


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