Chris Van Dine in Guatemala

Winter 2012 InGear

Jenna Lollis and Chris Van Dine in Guatemala

Jenna Lollis and Chris Van Dine in Guatemala

Chris Van Dine is a first-generation professional racer who grew up living the mountain bike lifestyle from its beginnings. At an early age, Chris developed a taste for speed and won his first mountain bike race when he was eight. His proclivity for travel and adventure has taken him to pinnacle experiences and jaw dropping first descents from Alaska to Patagonia. After being confronted with the realities of the developing world, Chris realized that his passion and experience could actually impact peoples’ lives on a basic level. From that point, his mission became one of ambassadorship and philanthropy.

Click here ( to see a four-and-a-half-minute video of Chris cycling in Guatemala. At 3:29 he films the opening of a P4P container in San Andrés.

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