Sewing in Nicaragua

Juan Carlos and Migdalia Dávila, live in Diriamba, Carazo, Nicaragua, they are both 58 years old and have 1 son who is 11 years old. Until November of 2008 Juan Carlos worked as an office assistant for a private company in Jinotepe. Even though he had a steady job he worked as a tailor at night to make some extra money for his family. Since the help of the sewing machines from Pedals for Progress came 2 years ago, Juan Carlos and his wife Migdalia have been building a small side business so that if Juan Carlos lost his job they would have another source of income. So when he was told that he was no longer needed in his position they were ready. Today Juan Carlos and his family are able to make ends meet with their sewing. They sell dresses, blouses and men’s clothing. They are grateful to Pedals for Progress for the high quality yet affordable machines P4P provides in Nicaragua.

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