EcoBici, Rivas, Nicaragua

by Carla Bello Mejia
Spring 2015 InGear

During the year 2014 EcoBici received two containers of bicycles for a total of 1062 bicycles, 971 of which were sold from January to December. During the first half of the year sales flow was very good but from July to November sales dropped greatly.

This year EcoBici will increase slightly outlays for wages which is due to the increase of wages mandated by the Ministry of Labor. It is mandatory to increase wages and social insurance and the top rate assumed by the employer is 16%, just as the payment of social benefits is increasing (compensation for years of work, vacation, thirteenth month). The importation taxes on the bicycles have increased also.

It is for all these expenses the bike’s price increases, but it is still sold at attainable prices for the population. Local shops are selling new bikes but of poor quality and quite high prices. It is true there are shops that offer very good bikes but their costs are very high for poor people in Managua, so they always prefer to come to Ecobici because bikes have good quality and good prices adjusted according to your income.

We believe and are sure that it is always important to send bicycles. People need access to a good bike for commuting to their workplaces and students to their schools. We hope P4P will have successful collections so that we may receive three containers of bicycles in 2015.

That’s why we deeply thank everyone involved in P4P collections for their work and dedication of their time to this cause that has sent bicycles to Rivas. Thanks, Thanks.

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