Iowa Update

by Tim Weitzel
Spring 2015 InGear

For the second time, Dave has asked me to write an update on the “Iowa operation”. I would report that P4P in Iowa is very much a mixed bag as we begin the 2015 collection season. On one hand, we are enthusiastic, have established a recognizable “brand”, have many supporters, and the supply of used bikes and volunteers is deep. On the other hand, we do not have a “trucker” at this time!!!

Looking back 10 years, I now understand Dave’s business-like approach to moving bikes. At the time, I was young, more naïve, and certainly blindly idealistic. Our biggest hurdle is to find transport for the 929 miles from Dubuque to High Bridge, New Jersey. So we are not going to give up. Our volunteers, our sponsors, and our supporters in Iowa are 100% committed to the work of P4P. Yes, we are idealistic out here in the Heartland. Somehow, I believe we will have the big wheels rolling east again in 2015 with lots of bikes onboard.

Thanks, Dave, P4P staff, and all the P4P supporters for your trust and belief in the Iowa Connection

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