The Farmer

Summer 2017 InGear

One of the most prominent occupations that the world could ever think of is farming. Unfortunately in our part of the world here in Africa, especially Ghana, most young people prefer white collar jobs to farming.

This is not in the case of Mr. Seidu, a 40-year-old peasant farmer in Western Ghana. He is married to his wife Abiba and they have three children ranging from 6 to 13 years old. He grows peanuts and corn to cater for his family. Considering where he is staying he has to wake up very early in the morning and set out for the farm. It takes him about one and half hours to walk to the farm; so before he gets there, he is already tired. Fortunately Mr. Seidu managed to purchase a bicycle from WEBike. The bicycle helps him to get to the farm on time with less effort. He ties his machete, hoe, and a gallon of water to his bike, and within 30 minutes he is at his farm. Now he is able to work longer when he goes to the farm and he goes almost every day. Aside from the economic benefit, he is also healthier, due to the exercise he gets riding the bicycle.

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