Our Business Model

Every year, affluent Americans buy 22 million new bicycles and discard millions of old ones, abandoning many more unused in basements, sheds, and garages. Most of these end up in our already overburdened landfills. Meanwhile, poor people overseas need cheap, non-polluting transportation to get to jobs, markets, customers, and schools. Pedals for Progress has received, processed and donated over 150,000 bicycles, 3,700 used sewing machines and $10.8 million in new spare parts to partner charities in 36 developing world countries.

Furthermore, Pedals for Progress promotes bicycle repair businesses in the developing world. Typically, P4P will work with a community owned non-profit to help get the first containerized cargo shipment delivered, but that NGO then has to earn enough money selling the repaired bikes to pay for the shipping expenses of the second shipment.

Pedals for Progress isn’t just donating used bicycles: It’s also helping developing world economies by promoting self-sustaining bicycle repair businesses.