Bike Collections


Before you make your final decision to donate your bike to our project please consider that our bicycle collections are our major fund-raising event. It costs on average $40 to get a bike to its new home. To succeed, we must get a minimum of $10 with each bicycle at our collections. There is a direct correlation between volume of bicycles and expenses. While it is true that many collectors raise extra money, it is our hope that at the end of the collection they will exceed the $10 per bike. If you are unwilling or unable to make a cash donation with your bicycle please find another agency that can take it. The $10 request is a minimum.

If your faith community (church, meeting, synagogue, mosque, temple), civic association, youth group, school, or business would like to get involved in recycling, environmental stewardship, and economic progress in developing countries, find out how you can organize a bicycle collection in YOUR community. Doing a Pedals for Progress bike collection is a great short-term, tangible service project. It can get your organization’s name out in front of the broader community.

It has become an annual tradition with more than 100 community groups in the Mid-Atlantic region.

How to Sponsor a Collection in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1: Read the P4P Collection Guide! Very important and outlines everything that will be expected of you as the sponsor. Click here to request a detailed collection guide or Download Now

Step 2: Fill out the Collection Sponsor Form or contact Lori Smith at 908-638-4811 or and she will walk you through the process of being a sponsor.

Please DO NOT hold a collection without notifying P4P first!

The Collection Schedule is updated regularly. Check back often for the most up to date schedule.

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