Sewing Machine Drop-off Locations

Sewing machines are accepted at every bike collection, but did you know they are also accepted, throughout the year, at the following volunteer collection sites?

Your sewing machine will travel a very long distance to a new home, so we request that a $10 contribution accompany each machine to help with overseas shipping expenses. As always, you will be supplied with a tax-deductible receipt for the value of the sewing machine plus any monetary contribution at the time of donation. Pedals for Progress & Sewing Peace respects the time and effort of every volunteer, so please be courteous and schedule a mutually agreed upon drop-off. Thank you!


Hartford County

Memorial United Methodist Church
Leave a message for Anne at (860) 673-1216


Berkshire County

(413) 229-8071

New Jersey

Essex County

Barry Wile

New York

Nassau County

Kathy Ging
(631) 549-4873

Suffolk County

(413) 229-8071

Kathy Ging
(631) 549-4873