CESTA and ECOBICI put bikes to work
in the community and the classroom
24,457 bikes (95 12) and 536 sewing machines (00 12) shipped

Who is CESTA and what do they do?

CESTA stands for the Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technology. Founded in 1980 by a group of Professors from the University of El Salvador, as a professional organization to promote appropriate forms of technology to the social and environmental conditions of El Salvador. Seven years later the organization has been modified to a public foundation with the capacity to execute environmental projects.

There are 4 divisions within CESTA, EcoBici (Mechanical Education), EcoJute(Agriculture Education), EcoBosque(Environmental Education)and EcoMarino (Marine Education). www.cesta-foe.org


Student working on bicycle in CESTA Training Center

Bicycle converted to a garbage truck

CESTA Headquarters
San Marcos, El Salvador

Student working on bicycle in CESTA Training Center.

CESTA was founded with the idea that the El Salvadoran population will adopt and put into practice a value system that can enable the sustainability of their country.

Main Objectives of CESTA

• Promote the improvement of communities and neighborhoods by creating a better standard of living that is in harmony with the environment.
• Promote changes that drive the construction of an integral system that is compatible with people, society and the environment.
• Protect humans, animals and their habitats that are deteriorating and the destruction with the potential to exist interceding the recuperation of the environment.

Our Training Centers

Thanks to the support of organizations like Pedals for Progress and Bikes not Bombs, every couple of months we receive containers of bicycles that are used as educational instruments for our students who are learning how to repair bicycles. The training period is no longer then 6 months, within this time they must learn everything from aligning a tire rim to general bicycle repairs.