The Mujers Maya Kaqchiqoel of Santa Caterina de Barahona - Is a cooperative weaving business with 10 members who create amazing hand weavings by using the traditional weaving techniques handed down to them by their grandmothers. The Mujeres Maya received a micro-loan from our partner FIDSEMA in Guatemala about 5 years ago to start their business. Today they have a stall in the major tourist city of Antigua where they sell their goods on a daily basis. If you are interested in purchasing any of these items please send an email to:, subject: Guatemalan Weaving.

Maria demonstrates how she uses the hand loom.

Santa Caterina de Barahona from the main road

Traditional hand-loom.

Isabel demonstrates how the threads are counted for the hand-loom.

Table Cloths

Table Cloth with the Quetzal the National bird of Guatemala

Guipil - Traditional Guatemalan shirt, worn by women on their wedding day

Detail of a table cloth

Detail of a Guipil

Panel showing the Marimbia musicians and the Quetzal

Table runner - Dios de Maiz
Corn God, Mayan Symbol

Christmas table runner