P4P Recipient Spotlight: Eliseo Perez, Nicaragua

Spring 2010 InGear

Name: Eliseo Perez
Age: 16 years
Parents: Cristobal Manuel Perez y Catalina Valverde
Born in: Diriamba Carazo, Nicaragua
School: Colegio la Palmera
Completed 3rd grade of elementary school
Family: 4 brothers


Meet Eliseo Perez. When he was very young, he was diagnosed with leukemia and doctors discovered a brain tumor. Not only could he not ride a bicycle, but he could only walk with the aid of a cane. As he got older, and with treatment, his condition improved. At the age of ten, he stopped using the cane and began to play, ride a bicycle, and play soccer. His doctors told him he should not play sports due to his illness, but his poor health could not keep him from being an active teenager. Once he started biking regularly his health improved—the exercise helped his body develop. His bicycle became much more than a means of transport; it gave him his life back. The use of the bicycle gave him the opportunity to develop the potential of employment. He now works as a gardener, so he can contribute financially to the family income. What a difference a bike can make.

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