Report from Albania, Fall 2017

Fall 2017 InGear

Albania has one of our most active partners, PASS/Ecovolis, which runs a wide variety of social and environmental programs. An Update from March 2017 mentions two of their programs. One uses P4P/SP sewing machines to make reusable shopping bags and the the other operates a children’s library, LibrAria.

Ened Mato, the PASS director, recently reported on two other PASS projects.

The School of Nature is a children’s program in the Albanian capital, Tirana. The goal of the program is to give urban kids some experience in nature while having fun and learning. Here are some examples of School of Nature activities:

  • raise a tent camp
  • plant different kinds of flowers
  • read books
  • paint
  • take canoe trips on the artificial lake in Tirana

The Elders’ Academy is a program to teach older adults to ride bicycles. Some of the riders have not ridden a bike for many years and some have never learned to ride. I don’t know about you, but the thought of learning to ride a bike at age 50 or 60 sounds a little scary, especially in a busy city like Tirana. But in the photos we’ve seen, these “elders” look like they’re having a blast.

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